You can call me Nick or Nico if you don’t like accents.

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I am a:

for role in ["scientist", "engineer", "person"]:
    print(f"- Data {role}")

Basically I use statistics and Python to extract business value and create solve problems.

Out of Office

When I am not wrangling data with Python, I am probably:

  • spending quality time with my wife & family
  • hanging out with my friends
  • reading good books
  • making memes

To sum everything up: Bio

Side Projects

Personal blog (this very site!) where I publish posts related to data science and programming but also non technical stuff.

While Model Trains is a web app offering a productive alternative to mindless social media scrolling while your model trains. It presents 3 blog posts about data/AI/ML, and if none of the 3 captures your interest, you can simply click a button to get new articles until you find one to read.

Italian Art Bot is a Python bot that posts images of Italian paintings on the social platform Bluesky 3 times per day.

Contact me

You can contact me at nic dot giso at gmail dot com.

You can also find me on GitHub, Twitter (rarely), LinkedIn and BlueSky.